A photograph of the begetter (Pitr), the Sahasya Pandit Narendra Khardoori. Pandit Khardoori had wrestling as his hobby. He was trained in this sport by none other than the great spiritual master Pandit Gopi Krishna. It must not be ignored that two genuinely great wrestlers ever, The Great Gama and Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala were of ethnic Kashmiri Butt or Bhat (Kashmiri Brahmin) stock. Moreover, also Pandit Gopi Krishna was known to be a Mahayogi, a brilliant person and a good wrestler. Also he was extremely close to Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker.

MY NURTURER: The towering educationist Pandit Niranjan Nath Fotadar. Me with Pandit Fotadar (MRST, London) and Panditani Indira Fotadar, 1956. Pandit Fotadar was the Headmaster of the elite school of Kashmir, namely Tyndale Biscoe School in the 1940s. Eventually Pandit Fotadar as a result of difference of opinion with the then Principal Dr. Phil Edmonds (a myopic individual) resigned his position and left for Delhi. Following this he was appointed by the Government of India to direct the settlement of refugees who had arrived from the newly created Pakistan. Edwina Cynthia Annette Mountbatten also aided Pandit Fotadar in this colossal task.

Prabla Pa (Prof. D.P. Zutshi an eminent academician) and Dayavati Nanney (Mrs. Shyama Zutshi a beloved kindergarten teacher)

Barader - Late Legendary Ramesh Kashmiri, Atirajakumari - Toshi Bhabhi and Guddu

Barader - Late Legendary Ramesh Kashmiri

Upinder out of teens

Upinder, 1993. At approximately 220 lbs, I was then close to the peak of my physical ability. However, in 1969-71 I was surely much stronger though I weighed close to 165 Ibs!

Demonstrating my (2008 and 2017) physical prowess. I can never ignore the contribution of my late beloved brother Ramesh Kashmiri, Pandit Jagdish Ram Acharya (Sanawar) and Maheshji Gupta of Kanpur. Also other than training in my opinion my Kashmiri genes have evidently contributed towards this. My diet a Bharati one (Kashmiri in this case) consists more often of a large quantity of meat (never beef considering that Lord Indra is the protector of cattle), milk (one liter whole milk with four raw eggs daily), nuts, usual food, fruits, etc. At times also Koshur Haq!

Upinder, 2012

Upinder, 2000

Upinder and Atlantic

Upinder dressed in Paridhan (Pheron) outside Sharada Peeth (NYPL) of NY, 2012

Upinder, 2012. Rode this beast at 120 MPH (193.121 KM) on the Agra-Delhi road. A little more throttle and I would have been sitting on an unpinned hand grenade.

Upinder, Manhattan,2012

Upinder, 2016


Upinder, 2018, Zero Bridge

Upinder in Lucknow, 2018

Upinder in AECOM

Upinder and Murry

Upinder at the Gordon Conference, Hormone Action, 1990

Sushil Kumar the genuine Ratna of Bharat and Upinder

Upinder and Baba Man Singh

Upinder and John, 2011

Upinder, Shishu and Shishu, 2011

The Zuthshis - Mantaining Traditions

Pavitra Kula

The Zutshis

Guddu the Boss

Guddu and Family

Ranu and Family

Shishu, Anaya and Shishu

Part of my family and extended family

Late Haji Sharafat Ali (close family friend) Toshi Bhabhi, Ranu and Ramesh Kashmiri

My O.S. brother Khaneka and Me

O.S. brothers Khaneka and KK

Dr. Upinder's treasured friend late Rajiv Bhatnager

Shri Khan and Upinder. Shri Khan is at present (2018) a Senior Leader of the Congress Party. Shri Khan was the bosom and loyal friend of my late brother.

Upinder in Sanawar, 1963.

Upinder in Sanawar, 1962.

Pandit Dr. K.S. Bajpai and Upinder, 2018. Pandit Bajpai genuinely reflects our Bharati civilization.

Upinder at the 17688 ft.Changla Pass, Ladakh, Jan 10, 2019.

Upinder at the 14270 ft. Pangong lake, Ladakh, Jan 10, 2019. At the India -China border.

Upinder at the Hemis Monastery, Jan 11, 2019.

Our new generation. Digvijay and Sheen. Sheen means snow in Kashmiri.

Upinder in the apartment of Shishu, Shishu and Anaya, Bharat, 2019.

Upinder with the late Pandit Narayan Datt Tiwari (1994) discussing international politics. Pandit Tiwari played a role in the independence movement of Bharat and later a sizable role in Bhariti politics. In general Tiwariji was a refined and a cautious politician though, however, sadly in his later years (due to some untoward developments in his life) many individuals who were loyal to him were obliged to distance themselves from him. As is well established many of us Bharatis follow our ancient time-tested Sanskriti (reinforced by the thoughts of Gandhiji) rather stringently. Nevertheless, no one can deny that Tiwariji contributed significantly towards our beloved Matarbhumi-Bharat.

Quite easily done in 2019. Upinder certainly still has greater expectations in this year!

Upinder, New York City, 2019.

Quite easily done in July 2019. The homework has been done and the groundwork laid for my genuine old age.

The Iron-Matar Panditani Leelawati presiding over the marriage ceremony of her darling grandson Ranu.

Agnipuja (Fire Worship) at the Mekhal (Yagnopavit) ceremony of Ranu.

Prayers at the Kashmiri Brahmin ritual Kah-naether of our beloved Anaya.

A segment of our family who celebrated the Kah-naether ritual of baby Anaya.

Some family members who joined in the Kah-naether ritual of Anaya.

Anaya forced me to break our traditional protocol and insisted (though I was not the seniormost person) that I be in the center of this photograph. We all accepted this since it was her day!

Upinder, Queens, New York City, 2020

Upinder, Queens, New York City, 2020. Upinder enjoying apple juice. Moreover, Upinder never consumes alcohol, since experience from our time-tested and ancient Bharati civilization has clearly made evident that alcohol consumption produces adverse health effects. Thus it is preferable to obtain antioxidants from natural sources rather than from drinks containing alcohol. Furthermore, not surprisingly the following data complements the experience of our Bharati civilization: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-45283401

Upinder outside one of his Alma Maters (Mater in Sanskrit and other Indo-European languages means Mother) the one and only Rockefeller University. This exclusive University is known to be a factory for producing Nobel laureates